Lead Ambassadors

The Lead Ambassador is your main anchor for Africa Code Week event orchestration, questions and support in your country. Feel free to reach out to them on social to get started on hosting your own coding workshops or simply get introduced to other interested schools / organizations. They are here to help you engage as many children and youth as possible in your community!

Miwanda Lainissi
  • Miwanda Lainissi
  • Computer Engineer
  • Mozambique

Currently completing her final year of Computer Engineering in Mozambique, Miwanda is already certified in CISCO CCNA (1, 2 & 3) and part of MozDevz' management team. MozDevz is a Mozambican community of application and software developers, with the objective to contribute to the social and technological development of the country. Miwanda is responsible for the MozDevz School, where she organizes and supports informal networking among college students from different areas, with a specific focus on knowledge and idea exhange around ICT for Development.

Miwanda also leads communications for the GIST Tech Women in Maputo and actively supports the Ligada Technology for Empowerment project for young, vulnerable women and girls in Mozambique.

Charles Mwanza
  • Charles Mwanza
  • Co-founder and Executive Director, Hackers Guild
  • Zambia

Charles Mwanza is a developer and teacher with a passion for growing Zambia’s software industry. With over 6 years experience in the software industry, he has acquired solid skills in agile engineering. His passion for software led him to co-found Hackers Guild, a developer bootcamp that teaches how to become a professional web / mobile app developer, inspiring young people to pursue computer science by teaching them how to build cool stuff like games and basic robotics with arduino boards and raspberry pi.

Moise Sodokin
  • Moise Sodokin
  • Partner and External Relations Director of AIESEC Benin
  • Benin

Moise is passionate about youth empowerment. He is currently a Partner and External Relations Director of AIESEC in Benin, an international movement that enables youth to explore and develop their leadership potential. He is also Y4GG Campaign Director for West Africa, which is a campaign lead by AIESEC to mobilize youth around achieveing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Moise has a degree in Transport and Logistic Management.

Raoul Agbeko Tokpa
  • Raoul Agbéko Tokpa
  • Directeur exécutif, ARLT
  • Togo

Raoul a embrassé l'informatique très jeune, une passion qui l'a vite amené à devenir formateur en informatique avant de choisir le journalisme comme autre vocation.

Pendant 13 ans en tant que Journaliste Reporter d'Images sur la TV2, il a eu la chance de travailler essentiellement au profit des enfants, des jeunes et des personnes handicapées au travers d'émissions qui leur sont consacrées.

Lauréat du programme Afrique Innovation Entrepreneur Dakar 2016, il s'est depuis converti à l'entrepreneuriat numérique et technologique. Ancien animateur d'ateliers d'écriture à l'Institut Français du Togo, c'est avec joie qu'il anime à présent des ateliers Africa Code Week d'initiation au codage informatique.

Raoul est également Directeur exécutif de l'ARLT (Association pour la Refondation Laïque du Togo), une structure de médiation familiale et de vulgarisation de la technologie et du numérique, surtout dans les localités réculées du Togo.
Il travaille en parallèle sur un projet qui alliant...conte et code. La suite au prochain épisode!

Sebulon David
  • Sebulon David
  • Founder & CEO of Glowdom
  • Namibia

After ten years in the computing and wireless technology sectors, this passionate netpreneur is working on education information systems to digitize processes in Africa. After founding Glowdom, Sebulon also started the Glowdom Foundation to assist early childhood development and adult education in under-served communities in rural Namibia.

Upon completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for young African leaders in the USA, Sebulon launched CampExcel. By equipping young people with technical skills and the confidence to develop, promote, and sell locally relevant apps, the program aims at creating future job opportunities while enabling beneficiaries to address personal challenges and local issues.

Sebulon holds a degree in computer science and geology from the University of Namibia.

Carla Menino
  • Carla Menino
  • Computer Teacher
  • São Tomé and Príncipe

A passionate computer teacher since 2000, Carla is currently teaching at the Portuguese School of São Tomé and Príncipe. In addition to teaching in primary and secondary education, she also has experience in teacher training. A few years ago she began to be interested in the areas of robotics and programming, having conceived and implemented several projects with students starting in the 1st cycle (Primary School). She sees it as a powerful way to integrate STEAM into the curriculum while developing 21st century skills that help students to better prepare for the challenges and uncertainty of the future.