We Support...

We Support...

Teachers & Trainers

To introduce coding and digital literacy to
8-16 year-olds.

To shape the next generation of experts in technology use.

To shed light on how technology addresses real-life problems and can be used for betterment.

Local NPOs

To build local trainer capacity through dedicated training workshops.

To raise awareness of the importance of digital skills.

To host coding workshops for youth aged 8-16.

To increase overall female participation.


To raise awareness of the critical  importance of digital / coding literacy in the 21st century.

To encourage teachers to participate in TTTs.

To encourage schools to take part in Africa Code Week.

To adopt coding curriculum for sustained impact on youth.



Train-the-Teacher sessions (TTTs) are a key multiplier and enabler for digital skills to become a core pillar of basic education in each participating country.


Between June and September, SAP CSR EMEA funds TTTs across the continent. They are organized either by the Africa Code Week team, by partnering Ministries or by non-profit partners in the communities in the run-up to October events.

Find out what is happening in your country by visiting our Calendar or Interactive Map! Feel free to reach out to Julie (info@africacodeweek.org) to request our Partner Guide and check out our Resources page for useful teaching / learning materials.