AfriCAN Code Challenge Awards Ceremony

And the winners are...Soliyana, Kayla, Sara. Come and meet the winners of the #AfriCANCodeChallenge and hear their inspiring stories. Event hosted by Amonge Sinxoto Founder of Blackboard Africa, Global Teen Leader 2019

ACW 2020 Virtual Closing Ceremony

SAP, UNESCO and partners hosted the first ACW virtual closing ceremony on Human Rights Day. This event marks the conclusion of Africa Code Week 2020, a successful 6th edition dedicated to education and innovation.

Our expert roundtable discussed how Africa Code Week has turned the pandemic crisis challenge into a learning opportunity for African youth, expanding its reach across the continent. They also explored best practices from francophone countries and the vital role public-private partnerships will play in empowering youth with essential digital skills in 2021 and beyond.

This event took place in French with simultaneous English translation available via Zoom.

#FutureOfEducation: The Changing Landscape of the World of Work

Skills rather than degrees may be the reality of the future. Trends already shaping the world of work in 2019, became more prominent during the coronavirus pandemic. The OECD estimated that 34 per cent of jobs will be radically transformed by technological progress. The gig economy has challenged traditional work structures. 

Join Sunil Geness, Director of Government Affairs,
CSR and Global Sustainability Lead at SAP Africa,
and fellow panelists as they tackle the topic of the
changing landscape of the world of work…

5 life hacks to build students self-confidence

The relationship between a student and a teacher is a unique bond that conditions so many aspects of someone's life as they grow into responsible adults. Self-confidence isn't a generic school topic, yet it defines a person's ability to face the challenges of life.

With Nigerian author and youth inspiration Mirabelle Morah, we came up with 5 life hacks for teachers to boost their students' self-confidence and empower them to become the best version of themselves!

Turn the tide with code

Live the life of an Africa Code Week student as Coding Instructor Brendan Smith takes you on a coding journey through the deep. Find out why salt water matters and protecting it even more. 

Can technology bridge the ability gap?

Francis Ahene-Affoh and Sonia Almeida Santos, Africa Code Week Ambassadors from Ghana and Mozambique share their experience teaching coding to children with special needs. Through their inspiring stories and community work, they will unveil why empowering the special workers of tomorrow’s workplace should be considered a priority by every society stakeholder.

Launch of Africa Code Week 2020

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Panel: Are Public-Private Partnerships Redefining Impact? 
Africa Code Week kicked off on World Teachers’ Day with SAP UNESCO, Irish Aid and ADEA. Crowds gathered from all corners of the world, joining our expert panelists as they celebrated the launch of this 2020 edition and discussed the role of SDG17 in making the world run better and improving peoples’ lives. 

Hosted by Claire Gillissen-Duval, Director of EMEA CSR & Co-founder of Africa Code Week at SAP, this event took place in English.


Xing Qu
UNESCO Deputy Director-General 

Ciarán Cannon
TD representing Galway East, Ireland

Albert Nsengiyumva
Executive Secretary of ADEA

Cathy Smith
Managing Director of SAP Africa