They endorse Africa Code Week and here is why.


Tunisian Minister of Education

"Bridging the digital skills divide in Africa won't happen without education and learning code as a new language. I support Africa Code Week because it is a tremendous opportunity for Tunisian children to embrace the art of coding. I would like to thank all teachers across Tunisia for taking an active part in this initiative and turning code into a giant adventure game where every kid in a hero."


Debbie Schäfer
Minister of Education in the Western Cape, South Africa

"ICT is no longer part of our future - it is our present. In education, it is our responsibility to equip our children to be active citizens in our economy, and provide much-needed skills. There is a great need in South Africa for IT professionals. Africa Code Week assists in promoting this as a possible future career for our learners. It also promotes issues such as critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork, all of which are crucial for success in life. I am thus very pleased and honoured to be the Patron of Africa Code Week in Cape Town and hope that many of our learners will take part in it."


Cina Lawson
Minister of Post and Digital Economy - Togo

"Africa Code Week is perfectly in line with our policy and efforts towards strengthening the links between education and ICT. We must increase the quality of digital education if we want Togo's youth to become key actors of tomorrow's highly-connected world. We already see it all around us, all over Africa: in today's digital economy, ecosystems are flourishing on both the education soil and young people's eagerness to get hold of new technologies."


Noah Samara
Founder and CEO of Yazmi, the world's first satellite-enabled tablet

"Providing information affluence to those in the remotest of regions has been my life's dream. Africa Code Week and their partners are doing just that - allowing children to learn the digital language of coding. Coding is no longer related to just computer science, but all sectors and industries. Our children need to learn the language of coding to be qualified for the jobs of the future. This exciting event will spark the interest and curiosity of students all over the world to be creative, connect to the world beyond their community, and learn the tools that will empower them with a successful career path."


Louis Diakité
CEO of Alink Telecom, Ivory Coast

“Africa Code Week is exactly the kind of leverage we needed to make coding accessible to underserved children and allow most of them to even touch a computer for the first time.”