Dorsaf Benna Chelly
  • Dorsaf Benna Chelly
  • North Africa
  • Regional Coordinator

General Inspector at the Ministry of Education, Dorsaf leads the ITA organization and several national projects in Education, computational thinking and entrepreneurship. She is the national focal point for “Evaluation soft skills” and an ambassador of the Africa Energy Generation Prize.

Over the past few years, Dorsaf has been striving to popularize computational thinking and enable young people to acquire coding skills, which have become so important through the Bebras, IOI, IIOT and robotics competitions.

Fatoumata Niang Niox
  • Fatoumata Niang Niox
  • West Africa
  • Regional Coordinator

Executive Director of Jokkolabs, a network of innovation spaces in Africa, Fatoumata is scaling the initiative across Senegal and West Africa at large. As actress and facilitator of social change, she implements programs involving entrepreneurship, digital and the promotion of female leadership as means of salvation in response to the issue of unemployment in Africa.

Her heartfelt commitment to education has resulted in the deployment of innovative programs such as jokkokids, a network of innovators and organizations that develop educational opportunities to stimulate children's creativity through arts and technology. This project resonates with the philosophy of  Africa Code Week, which she now coordinates across West Africa.