Valentine Masicha
  • Valentine Masicha
  • Founder of Mindset Coders
  • Uganda

Valentine is a serial entrepreneur passionate about technology and business dynamics. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, after which she focused on 3D Animation and Motion graphics studies. Under the sponsorship of the World Bank in 2015, she was awarded seed funding to start a 3D animation business to tell the African tales.

Knowing how much computer science changed her life, she is eager to give back and inspire other girls. She founded Mindset Coders, an EdTech company on a mission to empower young people with 21st digital skills. She is also a mentor of 1000 Girls 1000 Futures program by the New York Academy of Sciences, inspiring and encouraging girls to pursue their passion for STEM as a career.

She also acts as Regional lead and mentor for the
Technovation Challenge where she inspires young girls to use technology to solve community problems.

Solomon Bwire
  • Solomon Bwire
  • Founder & President, Makerere Innovation Society
  • Uganda

Solomon has been proudly supporting Africa Code Week as a Trainer in Uganda since 2016 and (quote) 'loves ACW to the bone marrow'!

He dreams of an empowered Africa where young people dare innovate, have start-up companies, build their life and not just their CV. Hence the importance to promote innovation & entrepreneurship from an early age.

Prior to founding the Makerere Innovation Society where he leads a network of innovators in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Uganda, Solomon worked for Wakiso Comprehensive Institute of Health Sciences and Fenix International Limited. He is also:

- Co-founder and CEO of Kawallet Tech Uganda Limited (supporting children in boarding schools)

- Co-founder of Tunaabe (providing pedal-controlled water and bar soap dispensers across Uganda homes and public spaces).

- Co-founder of eMedical (a pandemic assistance tool for Uganda healthcare).

Solomon holds a bachelor of science in computer engineering from Makerere University.