Google funds 53 nonprofit organisations across 11 countries in the run-up to Africa Code Week 2018

For the third year in a row, Google is supporting SAP Africa Code Week (ACW) as part of its own commitment to preparing 10 million people in Africa for tomorrow's workplace. During ACW 2016 and 2017, Google micro grants had already enabled 90 organizations across 10 African countries to expose 100,000+ youth to computer science (CS) and coding.

Joining forces again with SAP and ACW key partners in 2018 to build community capacity in ICT education across the entire African continent, Google has funded 53 organizations and grassroots groups across 11 countries. Grants awarded specifically supported the rollout of training sessions for thousands of teachers and actual CS and coding workshops for over 100,000 students during ACW 2018.

The far-reaching impact of Google grants over the past few years speaks volumes about the importance of public-private partnerships on capacity-building strategies in the digital era. Launched in 2015 by SAP, the initiative is now actively supported by UNESCO YouthMobile, Google, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), 28 African governments, over 130 partners and 120 ambassadors across the continent.

Below you will find the list of Google grant recipients as part of Africa Code Week 2018, along with their respective stories at the time of thei grant application.




Ngwana will facilitate the development of coding and digital skills for educators, children and youth across Botswana. 

The Clicking Generation


A 2 days workshop for teachers from 20 schools selected from Ngamiland area which is in the North-West part of Botswana. These are schools in rural areas who are fortunate to have computer labs but no skilled teachers to teach the students. 5 teachers will be selected from each school to participate making a total of 100 teachers. 10 Primary schools and 10 Secondary schools to participate.

The Clicking Generation


Students will be introduced to coding using scratch. 20 schools will introduce coding to a minimum of 200 students from standard 1 to standard 6, with other classes with students with disabilities. Bana Ba Letsatsi are orphans which range from 5 years to 18 years. We would be concentrating on students at Primary and Secondary school and students for special education, as well as orphans in Maun and surrounding villages.

Dream Factory Foundation Botswana


ACW Matenge seeks to empower 1000 young people empowered with basic coding skills through 1.5-hour digital learning workshops using SCRATCH. This initiative seeks to inspire and introduce youth residing in rural communities to the digital skills they need to make their dreams come true in this digital age.




Studio Samuel empowers at-risk girls to create and develop coding projects that express their artistry, enhance their critical thinking, advance their computer skills, and encourage them to expand their education and share their knowledge with others.

The Gambia



Let kids code will organize series of coding sessions in rural setups. Most of the children who will be enrolled in the program will be complete beginners. This event will help spark interest in participants to pursue a career in ICT and related studies. The ICT Gap in The Gambia is very wide especially among girls and such events will train more people in ICT in obtaining the sustainable development goals.


The Learn Again Foundation


Code Shuttle is a learning experience where students aged between 11-16 learn coding by signing up on Google CS First platform. These students will be shuttled to KNUST to use high speed Internet to learn coding.

iSpace Foundation  

A Coding and Digital Skills Program for kids to begin experimenting with visual blocks, then progress to HTML and CSS as they design websites, build apps, and make incredible projects. Our goal is for each participant to feel confident in coding, and to be able to continue to learn on their own with tools and resources that are available to them.


Rekindle Learning


Rekindle Learning Kenya CS Workshop Africa Code Week 2018 for Rural Schools: an initiative that enables students to learn Computer Science and prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution with special emphasis on girl empowerment.

Kiwimbi Kenya Ngo


Computa Funguo wa Maisha is a Google-Funded Kiwimbi Program that teaches coding to rural children and trains teachers in rural schools to teach children coding skills and to prepare them for further education and a future of employability.

The Africa Centurion Initiative


Kids Comp Camp is a program that seeks to ensure that underprivileged students between the ages of 8 and 18 from slum and rural backgrounds have the computing knowledge to afford them the same opportunities their peers in urban areas enjoy.

Modcom Ltd.


Modcom's "Coding4All” project will introduce participants in Nairobi to coding during the Africa Code Week. “Coding4All” project will allow inclusivity of all young people, with a major focus on marginalized kids and gender balance.

African Maths Initiative


African Maths Initiative will organise an innovative workshop for local teachers in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya. The main goal of the workshop is to set an agenda for initiatives to develop and improve computational thinking in schools and all participants are intended to play leadership roles.




In 2018, UNESCO-SMEF Thakakhoali Mahlale mobile laboratory services will feature Africa Code Week on tour - using a mobile, solar-powered lab equipped with Android tablets so that kids in the rural and off grid areas of Lesotho are given the opportunity to code for the first time.

Soofia International School 


Soofia International School will train 150 teachers minimum on Scratch and Web Development (HTML, CSS and Javascript). Courses will be provided by a team of master trainers who have already received training in Soofia.




mHub will be teaching basic coding skills using Scratch to 200 girls aged 12 to 18 during Africa Code Week 2018.


InnoSoft Technologies


InnoSoft Technologies will be training teachers in coding skills so they can in turn train and mentor students in their respective schools.

Online Hub Educational Services 


Online Hub plans to teach coding to 500 teachers from 500 community schools in Ogun State. 

Dev's District 


Dev's District will be organising "Code Hope", a program to introduce students in rural and low socioeconomic areas to computer science during Africa Code Week.

LearnFactory Nigeria

  Learnfactory will be teaching coding skills to 1,000 children aged 10- 16 during Africa Code Week.

Be The Change Organization


Be the Change will be teaching students ages 14-18 years, within Suleja and Tafa Local Government of Niger State of Nigeria, an Introduction to Python.

Space Club FUTA


Based in the Federal University of Technology in Akure, Space Club FUTA will introduce the concepts of computer programming to 100 secondary school teachers in Akure. The hands on training and interactive lectures would ensure the teachers are well equipped to pass the knowledge onto their students during Africa Code Week.

Soparkids International  

Soparkids International will introduce the language of coding with scratch, CS First & Robotics to children, giving them the awareness of computer science. The program will also teach them the importance of teamwork and collaboration to inspire them to become innovators.

Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy


Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy will be training 2100 children to write at least a line of code during Africa Code Week 2018. Most of the children trained will be from underprivileged backgrounds and a minimum of 45% of children trained will be young females passionate about Computer Science. The program will target Enugu South Local Government Area and its environs in Enugu State, Nigeria.



Greativation will deliver a hands-on coding training organized to empower teachers of public secondary schools in the outskirts of Lagos and Ogun State with general basic Computing and Programming knowledge and to teach digital skills so that they can impact the knowledge and skill to the learners in the various schools they teach.

Bodex ICT Foundation


Bodex ICT Foundation will host a workshop to empower kids between the ages of 10-16 with basic computer and coding skills in the low socioeconomic area in Osun State Nigeria; to inspire creativity and to make them a better student in the real tech world and academics.

Curators Interactive 


Curators Interactive will host a specially crafted STEM intervention program to help kids go beyond their regular school curriculum in preparation for the future workplace. Their focus will be on empowering students and teachers in Benin City, Edo State.


Codekajola ACW 2018 will train kids between age 11-18 years old across 4 local government areas of Oyo State, Nigeria. CodeKajola ACW 2018 will focus on training these kids Computer science learning activity. Main focus of learning will be based on CS-Unplugged and Scratch Coding.

Audax Solutions Limited  

Audax will be hosting a free coding workshop for ages 9-18 to teach the fundamentals of computer programming.

KYM Signature Media

  Code-dication seeks to teach coding to youth and spread the good news of coding to regions where it has never been heard before, beginning with Jos, Plateau State.

Initiative for the Development of the Next Generation

  This group aims to train 120 teachers who can in turn impact over 2000 students within 4 months. At the workshop, teachers will learn the preliminary act of coding using Scratch and the Google CS-First curriculum with various video tutorials, PDF guide and online materials to aid self-development of participating teacher after the training. 

Tych Zoe Global Network Ltd.

  Tych Zoe Global Network is organizing an early child digital inclusion advocacy; equipping the students with skills that can solve problems using technology.

Euidem IT Solutions


For Africa Code Week, Euidem will be training 100 IT instructors across several Nigerian schools.

Imagine Tech Limited


YUNG coders is a practical coding experience organised by Imagine Tech Ltd. to empower kids/teenagers with basic computing and programming knowledge and to promote digital literacy within areas with little or no programming opportunities.

Codenonia Codecamp Series


Codenonia plans to utilize Africa Code Week by providing quality CS education to teachers, learners, and young ones in rural areas in Ekiti State.

Junior Achievement Nigeria


Equipping secondary school teachers with skills to teach coding in their respective schools, Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) is committed to raising a generation of young entrepreneurs equipped with relevant digital skills to thrive in a global economy. The goal is to get teachers excited about using coding to help students develop critical reasoning and design thinking skills that will prepare them for greater success in future.

Jaques Technology


An initiative to expose high school students in the rural area of Ogbomoso, Oyo State to the possibilities of computer science through storytelling, art, music, and sounds by leveraging CS First. In the end, students will have cultivated a creative mental state of approaching problems and will be ready to advance their knowledge in computer science.

Codespark Nigeria


Codespark Nigeria will deliver coding workshops to 2000 secondary school students.



TechQuest will deliver coding workshops to 3000 secondary school students across 6 states in Nigeria.

South Africa



ICT Club will train teachers on Scratch coding in rural and township areas.



ICT Club will teach coding using Scratch (ncluding Scratch Junior for Grade 2-4) to learners in rural and township areas. 

Dream Factory Foundation


Dream Factory will see 500 young people empowered with basic coding skills through 1.5-hour digital learning workshops using Scratch. This initiative seeks to inspire our youth to hone the digital skills they need to make their dreams come true in this digital age.

Code for Change


CodeJIKA will bring coding into over 500 secondary school students through student-run coding clubs.

Beautiful Gate SA


Beautiful Gate operates in a low socio-economic area in the townships outside Cape Town and will be introducing over 200 kids to coding. 

ArcelorMittal Transformation Centre - Newcastle

  ArcelorMittal will be running a program called Junior engineers in motion where 800 learners will learn about coding. 

Sci-Enza Science Centre


Sci-Enza will host an Introduction to Scratch for learners from disadvantaged schools who are in Grade 7, 8 and 9. Learners will attend a 2-hour session each day at the University of Pretoria (Mamelodi Campus) from Monday to Thursday during Africa Code Week.



Unlocking Africa's future, one workshop at a time. Fundanii and Hudson Park Primary School are collaborating to bring coding and Computer Science to kids and their parents through a variety of one-hour workshops. The workshops will make use of Lightbot, Scratch, Sphero mini robots and even offline coding through dance choreography.



ORT SA CAPE will present Scratch coding workshops for underprivileged children aged 9 to 12 using Scratch and Lego WeDo robots.

Masana Social Innovations and Investments


The We Code program aims to make coding skills accessible and fun for youth in under-served communities to acquire relevant coding skills, that will enable them to also be self-sufficient and thus encouraging them to be coding entrepreneurs.



Raising awareness and encouraging learners to pursue ICT careers.



Deepening ICT understanding through coding.

Isisombuluo Community Improvement Programme NPC

  Inkcubeko Youth and Science Centre are joining the Africa Code Week movement by introducing learners and teachers within the Eden district to coding using Scratch.

Siyafunda Community Technology Centre

  SIYAFUNDA CTC plans to empower community centre trainers with coding skills enabling the centres to provide coding programmes to more than 50,000 learners at their centres during Africa Code Week.




ACW INCLUSIVE TOGO 2018 is a program that aims to build mobile computer labs with trained coding volunteers. They will then travel to remote communities where there are no mobile labs in schools and introduce students and children from these disadvantaged communities to computer coding.


Youth for Reconciliation and Leadership


Previously known as IT4All, the Computer Science for Rural Schools is a project that was initiated to help rural students access skills in computer science. Working together with local rural schools, the project equips ICT teachers with the right skills in computer sciences. These teachers then pass on the skills to their teachers and keep supporting them throughout the year.