Scratch Classroom Activities by Brendan Smith

Classroom fun ahead! Brendan Smith and the Scratch Cat are back with a new project-based teaching guide designed to empower students with (way more than) coding skills. Developed by ACW Lead Instructor and renowned Irish environmentalist Brendan Smith from the Camden Education Trust, the following materials are available in PDF and video: all yours to choose from.

Ready, set, teach code!


Video Lesson 1

Today's lesson is about calculus and how you can run a program that will add, subtract and multiply. 


Video Lesson 2

Let's learn how to build a calculator from scratch, with Scratch.


Video Lesson 3

In this lesson, we are learning how to draw shapes using a series of scripts.


Full Teaching Guide (PDF)

You can download the full teaching guide here for more fun ways to instill digital skills in your classroom. 

From algebra and geometry all the way to wildlife and geography, you are about to shed a whole new light on the school curriculum for your amazed students. No doubt they will be asking for more! 


Need to download Scratch?

Just a click away, Scratch is a powerful programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab to simplify the face of coding form the young generation.

Based on a block-building approach, it uses a simple structure of visual bricks or blocks of computer code that snap and interlock together. As you will find out in Brendan's courses above, Scratch can be used for a range of subjects across the school curriculum.

Last but not least, the progam fosters team work and communications by allowing students to create, share and download projects directly to/from the Scratch web site.