Ambassadors are your local anchors for Africa Code Week event orchestration, questions and support. Feel free to reach out to them to get started on hosting your own coding workshops or simply get introduced to other interested schools / organizations. They are here to help you engage as many children and youth as possible in your community!

Dorsaf Benna Chelly
  • Dorsaf Benna Chelly
  • Team Leader, International Olympiad in Informatics
  • Tunisia

General Inspector at the Ministry of Education, Dorsaf leads the ITA organization and several national projects in Education, computational thinking and entrepreneurship. She is the national focal point for “Evaluation soft skills” and an ambassador of the Africa Energy Generation Prize.

Over the past few years, Dorsaf has been striving to popularize computational thinking and enable young people to acquire coding skills, which have become so important through the Bebras, IOI, IIOT and robotics competitions.

Riadh Ben Boubaker
  • Riadh Ben Boubaker
  • President General Manager of The National Pedagogical Center (CNP)
  • Tunisia

Currently President and Chief Executive Officer of the CNP's programs, Riadh has held the positions of Director General of Programs and Continuous Training, Director General of Evaluation and Quality, and Director General of the National Centre for Educational Innovation and Research in Education. He is known for his open-mindedness and his global and predictive vision.

Wala Turki Latrous
  • Wala Turki Latrous
  • General Manager of the National Center of Technologies in Education (CNTE)
  • Tunisia

Actually General Manager of the CNTE and responsible for leading innovative educative projects at the Ministry of Education, Wala believes that coding enables tomorrow's kids to develop advanced skills that meet the demands of a revolutionary era.

Chokri Maatoug
  • Chokri Maatoug
  • General Manager of the National Center of Computing for Kids
  • Tunisia

Inspector for youth and childhood, Chokri has been running the National Centre for Children's Informatics since 2017. He has extensive field experience with the Regional Centre for Child Informatics in Tataouine, where he was involved in the design of training programmes for children and teens in informatics and multimedia. He was also the focal point within the Ministry of Education for national and international organisations in the field of child rights protection (UNICEF, French Community of Belgium, Arab League, etc.)

Ahmed Nabli
  • Ahmed Nabli
  • Expert in TechnoPedagogy
  • Tunisia

Passionate about innovation and a specialist in educational robotics, Ahmed spearheaded several key educational projects. Winner of several internationally renowned competitions, such as the Microsoft Innovative Teachers' Competition, the 2011 NHK Japan Prize, or eTwinning, he has made a priority out of teaching  children how to code.

Mohamed Dhia Eddine Chelly
  • Mohamed Dhia Eddine Chelly
  • Computer Science Engineering Student at ENICarthage
  • Tunisia

Currently completing his Computer Science degree at ENI in Carthage, Mohamed is a member of several organizations involved in coding and social entrepreneurship. He hosts regular coding workshops for children using Scratch and Kodu as playful learning platforms.