Ambassadors are your local anchors for Africa Code Week event orchestration, questions and support. Feel free to reach out to them to get started on hosting your own coding workshops or simply get introduced to other interested schools / organizations. They are here to help you engage as many children and youth as possible in your community!

Raoul Agbeko Tokpa
  • Raoul Agbéko Tokpa
  • Journaliste sur TV2 et fondateur de ZEDEKA MEDIA
  • Togo

Passionné d’art oratoire et de développement personnel, Raoul est journaliste sur TV2 au Togo. Il est également  interprète et formateur en langues des signes. Consultant en Stratégies de communication et réseaux sociaux, il fut Directeur des Programmes et de Production de la RTJ. En 2015, il se lance dans l’entrepreneuriat en fondant ZEDEKA MEDIA, une start-up innovante finaliste du programme Afrique Innovation Entrepreneurs 2016.

Il est également  Directeur Exécutif de l’Association pour la Refondation Laïque du Togo (ARLT), une ONG de médiation et de promotion des valeurs familiales. Il travaille actuellement sur le projet iTOGO, un incubateur de projets et de start-ups numériques.

Eric Arthur Yah-Bi
  • Eric Arthur Yah-Bi
  • Directeur général de ALINK TELECOM Cameroun
  • Cameroon

Passionné des TIC, Eric a toujours exercé dans le domaine des télécoms dans le but de pouvoir transformer son environnement. Il a plusieurs cordes à son arc: Directeur général de ALINK TELECOM Cameroun, il est aussi Ingénieur des solutions de communication Alcatel et certifié GT2F (Logiciel de gestion financière des télécoms). Il fut aussi ingénieur en marketing et management et technicien supérieur en informatique de gestion. Sa passion des TIC le pousse à former la nouvelle génération en lui donnant les armes et outils nécessaires à son insertion professionnelle. 

Francis Ahene-Affoh
  • Francis Ahene-Affoh
  • Senior Vice President DreamOval Foundation
  • Ghana

Francis is passionate about improving the standard of education in Ghana by equipping teachers to deliver ICT education. In 2010, through the DreamOval Foundation, he spearheaded an initiative dubbed iTeach to offer free ICT education to public school teachers across Ghana. This annual training brings teachers from across the country together to learn basic skills in digital literacy to impact the lives of their pupils in the classroom. This free ICT training is organized in collaboration with Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Ministry of Education. He worked with SAP’s 2016 Executive Social Sabbatical team to scale the training to reach a lot more teachers.

Francis, is currently the Country Ambassador for SAP’s flagship coding program, Africa Code Week in Ghana. Having trained over 2,351 teachers and 183,000 pupils from public schools across the country with basic skills in computer coding since 2016, he passionately strives to see digital transformation happen in Ghana’s educational system.

He is currently working on a new project with girls in Accra’s biggest slum through a program called Female in Tech Initiative. FeMiTI plans to introduce 200 girls to digital literacy, programming and robotics with a goal to transform the lives of girls from under-privileged communities.

David Nekongo
  • David Nekongo
  • Mechanical Engineering Student
  • Namibia

Born in the Oshikoto region in northern Namibia, David is currently completing his final year of honours degree in Mechanical Engineering. This techno savvy gentleman is passionate about helping other people, especially those in remote rural areas with little or no access to modern technology. He sees Africa Code Week as a tremendous opportunity to help bridge the digital divide and facilitate ICT learning for those who need it most. 

Theresa Ely-Felino
  • Theresa Ely-Felino
  • Founder of the Community Project Organisation
  • South Africa

Born and raised in the Northern and educated in Cape Cape Town, Theresa founded the NPO - Community Project Organisation. As a trained Facilitator and Moderator with studies in Electrical Engineering, she loves sharing her technology skills and knowledge with children of all ages.

Kesigan Govender
  • Kesigan Govender
  • Education Officer at the KZN Science Centre
  • South Africa

As a student, Kesigan always strived to understand the things he didn’t know much about. This showed in his early days of mending computers for the community he lived in. From there, he started teaching local youth how to use, mend and program computers. His talent led him to join the KZN Science Centre where he knew his thirst for knowledge would be fully quenched.

He trained teams and judges for First Lego league 2013 and taught code to 650 learners during Africa Code Week 2015. He also participated in several focus weeks such as the UNESCO Engineering Week, KZN Municipality Engineering Symposium and Edgewood Career Symposium. He participated in the ‘Keeping a girl in School’ initiative by MiET, showing female learners how to go about choosing careers and subjects. Last but not least, Kesigan successfully implemented the Afrisun Outreach Programme engaging over 100 schools and 33,000 beneficiaries.