Ambassadors are your local anchors for Africa Code Week event orchestration, questions and support. Feel free to reach out to them to get started on hosting your own coding workshops or simply get introduced to other interested schools / organizations. They are here to help you engage as many children and youth as possible in your community!

Sandra Wisani Myambu
  • Wisani Sandra Myambu
  • Founder & CEO of Masana Social Innovation
  • South Africa

Sandra is the founder and CEO of Masana Social Innovations, a social enterprise working to bridge the technology skills gap, empower women and girls and accelerate social entrepreneurs' success. Masana uses technology as the ultimate enabler in the execution of all its initiatives. With various partnerships with corporaions, Sandra runs SAP Training for unemployed graduates and places them. She also run initiatives to help NGOs and Corporate Social Investment departments track and monitor their initiatives. She holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration Degree and majored in International Finance and Investments. 

Khulekani Magongo
  • Khulekani Magongo
  • Director of Young Heroes
  • Swaziland

Khulekani is the Executive Director of Young Heroes, a registered non-profit in Swaziland. With an initial background in education, Khulekani soon expanded his skill set to nonprofit management, strategy and leadership. He  holds several qualifications from the University of Swaziland and the Picker Center of the Columbia State University in New York. He has been actively involved with the Global Partnership Program of seriousfun, a global network dedicated to helping children reach beyond their illness. He namely helped with presentations on resource mobilization, planning and project implementation in South Africa, Hungary, Ireland and the USA. Selected for the CEO Global Titans Building Nations Award in 2015, Khulekani won both the Country and Regional awards.

Musa A. Jallow
  • Musa A. Jallow
  • CRO of Ntolu
  • Gambia

Musa is currently the CRO of Ntolu, a local tech community dedicated to spreading digital literacy and engaging youth in tech-related activities in the Gambia. He is also the Information and Communication Officer of Climate Watch – The Gambia, a local nonprofit that educates young Gambians on how to counter the effects of climate change across all walks of life. Raised to understand the essence of serving humanity from a very young age, Musa has proudly obliged in many different ways, always looking for new ways to serve the interests of the people around him. He has worked with local youth organizations, helped start one of them and took the initiative to approach and collaborate with genuine change makers on the international scene.

Prior to his current roles, Musa has also served as the Administrative Officer of the Manduar Development Hub, a center for development established by the Global Hands organization in Leicester, UK. A member of ISOC Gambia, Musa has also served in various executive roles within the Gambian chapter of Global Hands. Working as a freelance web developer and graphic designer in his spare time, this multi-talented young man is also a writer and performer of poetry. Last but not least...currently a Computer Science student at the University of the Gambia, he hopes to become a software engineer in a few years from now.

Modou NS Njie
  • Modou NS Njie
  • CEO, Farm Fresh Gambia, N-WEB Plus &
  • Gambia

Modou is an ICT expert with over 20 years experience as Head of IT for UNDP, Deloitte and two major banks in The Gambia. Over the past five years however, Modou transformed himself into a social entrepreneur by starting up Farm Fresh, the #1 online food store and delivery service in The Gambia, with a focus on promoting local produce and thereby securing income for local farmers and food processors. Farm Fresh has allowed Gambians from the diaspora to easily order fresh and healthy food for their families at home, earning the venture a nomination in the 'Emerging Businesses in The Gambia' by the Gambia Chamber of Commerce Business Gala Dinner in 2015. Current growth plans include a regional expansion to Sierra Leone, Senegal and Nigeria, and also a franchise system that would allow expatriates to become shareholders. 

Moise Sodokin
  • Moise Sodokin
  • Partner and External Relations Director of AIESEC Benin
  • Benin

Moise is passionate about youth empowerment. He is currently a Partner and External Relations Director of AIESEC in Benin, an international movement that enables youth to explore and develop their leadership potential. He is also Y4GG Campaign Director for West Africa, which is a campaign lead by AIESEC to mobilize youth around achieveing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Moise has a degree in Transport and Logistic Management.

Raoul Agbeko Tokpa
  • Raoul Agbéko Tokpa
  • Journaliste sur TV2 et fondateur de ZEDEKA MEDIA
  • Togo

Passionné d’art oratoire et de développement personnel, Raoul est journaliste sur TV2 au Togo. Il est également  interprète et formateur en langues des signes. Consultant en Stratégies de communication et réseaux sociaux, il fut Directeur des Programmes et de Production de la RTJ. En 2015, il se lance dans l’entrepreneuriat en fondant ZEDEKA MEDIA, une start-up innovante finaliste du programme Afrique Innovation Entrepreneurs 2016.

Il est également  Directeur Exécutif de l’Association pour la Refondation Laïque du Togo (ARLT), une ONG de médiation et de promotion des valeurs familiales. Il travaille actuellement sur le projet iTOGO, un incubateur de projets et de start-ups numériques.