Ambassadors are your local anchors for Africa Code Week event orchestration, questions and support. Feel free to reach out to them to get started on hosting your own coding workshops or simply get introduced to other interested schools / organizations. They are here to help you engage as many children and youth as possible in your community!

Knowledge Chikundi
  • Knowledge Chikundi
  • Founder and President of the Zimbabwe Science Fair
  • Zimbabwe

Knowledge Chikundi is the Founder and President of the Zimbabwe Science Fair, an organisation to advance science, innovation and technology by Zimbabwean young scientists. The organisation grooms Zimbabwean young scientists with a production philosophy. The Zimbabwe Science Fair was founded in October 2015 and has made notable leaps in advancing STEM education in Zimbabwe. Last year in October, the Zimbabwe Science Fair sent the first group of Zimbabweans to participate in the Eskom International Science Fair (the biggest science fair on the continent) in South Africa. The same group of young scientists now proceed to the world’s largest and first science fair, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA from 6-13 May 2016. The Zimbabwe Science Fair partnered with the Science Circus Africa, a program funded by the Australian Government to advance STEM interest and excitement in Africa, to bring it in Zimbabwe. The Science Circus Africa Zimbabwe Tour, which ran from 11 to 22 March, was a resounding success which saw an overwhelming response from students, general public and education officials. Knowledge has a strong passion for science and technology advancement in Africa. ICT Education promotion lies at the heart of the Zimbabwe Science Fair’s core categories. The Zimbabwe Science Fair encourages students and youth to love technology, which now commonly refers to ICT, so they can come up with ICT applications and solutions.

Knowledge Chikundi is working with the University of Zimbabwe to start a science and technology public awareness center at the University. ICT Education shall be one of the main messages of the Center .

Patricia Ngoy
  • Patricia Ngoy
  • Founder of Piccolo Africa
  • DRC

Patricia is a Tech Entrepreneur and an influential speaker among young female dreaming to pave their way into the technology and telecommunication industries. Founder of Piccolo Africa, a platform that offers practical training in cyber security, software engineering and network auditing to young girls as an incubator for gender equality in the technology and telecommunication sectors in Africa. Her job consists also of connecting senior IT women to young inexperienced workers/job seekers for a mentor/ mentee relationship. Appointed as an ambassador of Internations, she is also YALI alumni fellow that is actively engaged in teaching digital skills to youth. She believes that young girls needs to be introduced to the digital literacy at an early age to fight women's unemployment and fill the silent  gap in the digital work force that weights down Africa's growth and economy. With her work, she has impacted the lives of many young girls and women that are now in various STEM tracks. She holds a degree in telecommunication engineering and a professional diploma in software engineering. She is currently working on launching her start up, the first ever telecom company where only female will perform all technical tasks.

Claire Murekatete
  • Claire Murekatete
  • Senior Software Engineer at Rwanda Development Board
  • Rwanda

Claire is a Co- founder of Refugee Girls Need You; an initiative that empowers young women refugees by enabling opportunities, which will expose them on skills that will help them to, dare dream and have goals for their future life as well as improve their lifestyle. She represents a Technovation Challenge program in Rwanda as Master Educator and the Regional ambassador, the program challenges girls all over the world to build mobile apps that will address a community problem.

She is a board member of Girl in ICT Rwanda ( and she coordinates the sponsors (fundraising).  She is a Department of State Alumnae through a US department of education and cultural affairs sponsored program namely Techwomen. Techwomen program placed in different Silicon Valley companies 78 women from across MEA region out of originally 1800 applications received.

Claire is a senior software engineer at Rwanda Development Board where she supports government application at National level.

She has a Master’s of Science in Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda and Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering and Information Technology from University of Rwanda college of Technology. She is Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 6 Programmer."

Lucy Mbabazi
  • Lucy Mbabazi
  • Country Manager at Visa Rwanda
  • Rwanda

Lucy Mbabazi is Country Manager at Visa Rwanda overseeing operations in Rwanda, Burundi and Malawi. Prior to this role, she coordinated the implementation of Visa – Government of Rwanda (GoR) Public Private Partnership initiatives 2011 – 2015 established to lay the foundation for digitization of Rwanda’s economy and grow financial inclusion. Lucy was also part of a team of seven who led the mVISA pilot in Rwanda.

Prior to Visa, Lucy served as Policy and Strategy Advisor to the Head of Information Technology at Rwanda Development Board (RDB/IT). RDB/IT is the coordinating and implementing body of all Government of Rwanda information and communication technologies (ICT) initiatives. Notably, Lucy led the development of Rwanda’s 2011 – 2015 National ICT Plan whose initiatives are contributing better services delivery and Rwanda’s move to become an ICT driven society.

Lucy is President of Girls in ICT Rwanda – a group of women professionals working together to inspire more Rwandan young women to pursue S.T.E.M careers. Lucy also serves as Vice Chairperson, Broadband Systems Corporation (BSC) board and Rwanda Information and Communications Technology Association (RICTA).

Lucy holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Laroche College and a Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Lebohang William Kompi
  • Lebohang William Kompi
  • Lesotho

Lebohang Kompi has more than 10 years experience in the development of appropriate use of ICTs in Education as well as advancement of Astronomy and applied Physics (Astrophysics) is Sesotho context (AstroSesotho), development of models for Girls in Science as well as teaching of Mathematics and Science at Secondary. This led to the development of newLGCSE Publications Beyond2010, where he published newLGCSE Physics Beyond2010 textbooks. He worked at the Lesotho National Commission for UNESCO (UNESCOM) from 2008 as an independent volunteer in Science and Education, where he pioneered several models and headed various Participation Programmes (PP) for Maths and Science Educational Development. He later developed a firm that specializes in Science Education Consultancy Industry through the commercialization of the ThakaKhoali Living Laboratory Approach.

Lorraine Mopiwa Kljajic
  • Lorraine Mopiwa Kljajic
  • General Manager for Techno Brain
  • Malawi

Lorraine Mopiwa Kljajic is deputy General Manager for Techno Brain, Malawi, a global software development company, which also offers IT Training across Africa. Lorraine also co-founded Malawian Women in Technology, a social group to inspire and encourage young women into IT related studies. A strong believer in ICT as the main economic engine to boost the entire African continent, Lorraine is on a mission to digitally empower the next generation of African leaders.