Ambassadors are your local anchors for Africa Code Week event orchestration, questions and support. Feel free to reach out to them to get started on hosting your own coding workshops or simply get introduced to other interested schools / organizations. They are here to help you engage as many children and youth as possible in your community!

Emma Dicks
  • Emma Dicks
  • Founder, Code for Cape Town / Co-lead, Innovate
  • South Africa

Emma Dicks co-leads Innovate South Africa, a platform to ignite creative thinking, nurture invention and encourage entrepreneurship among high school learners. She also founded Code for Cape Town, a program that teaches coding and design thinking skills to high school girls and exposes them to opportunities in the IT industry. Code4CT shows young girls that coding is creative, accessible and a powerful tool for social change. She is passionate about transforming classrooms and curriculum to empower learners with 21st century skills. Emma has been recognised by Her Majesty the Queen for her contribution towards social justice in South Africa and received the Queens Young Leader Award in Buckingham Palace in June 2015. She has a degree in Business Science from UCT and has been awarded the Mazars Business Strategy award. She works with Venn, a strategic innovation consultancy, to help businesses solve problems better, and she is also the Project Lead for the development of their Human Centred Design in Africa toolkit. 

Babacar Birane
  • Babacar Birane
  • Founder of Baobab Entrepreneurship
  • Senegal

(English version to follow shortly) Babacar est né à Hann village, au Sénégal. A l’âge de 12 ans, il intègre le prytanée militaire Charles NTCHORERE. Il y démarre de façon tout à fait fortuite sa carrière entrepreneuriale en tant que vendeur de CD, pour aider sa mère à joindre les deux bouts. Après avoir obtenu son BAC en 2008, il part à Grenoble se spécialiser en management de projet et conduite du changement. Il dirige alors l’Association des Etudiants Sénégalais de Grenoble de 2010 à 2012. Il devient ensuite chargé d’étude junior auprès du pôle entrepreneuriat de l’Université pour la mise en place du statut d’Etudiant entrepreneur. Babacar entre ensuite chez Schneider Electric puis Airbus SAS Toulouse, où il occupe respectivement les postes de Manager Supply Chain Junior et PMO junior dans le cadre de la confection et du déploiement d’un outil d’optimisation des ressources engineering au sein du programme A350 – 900. En Octobre 2013, il décide de rentrer au Sénégal pour cofonder Baobab Entrepreneurship : la startup qui est à l’origine de, première plateforme de réseautage d’entrepreneurs, d’incubation virtuelle et de financement de startups en Afrique francophone. Babacar est également consultant et coach en startups Lean, Customer Development, Business Model et Value Proposition Design.

Waidi M Bobo
  • Waidi M Bobo
  • IT Manager, Caritas Cape Palmas
  • Other countries

Coming soon!

Joe Kamau
  • Joe Kamau
  • Country Director, Youth for Technology Foundation
  • Kenya

Joe Kamau is the Country Director at Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) in Kenya. In this role he oversees YTF’s 3D Africa designed to inspire STEM learning and skills acquisition. In addition to providing software development and mobile application training, 3D Africa teaches youth to use 3D modeling software and hardware tools. A technophile, Joe is passionate about the intersection of technology with entrepreneurship and education. Joe has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and is an avid web designer and animation guru.  

Houssein Abil
  • Houssein Abil
  • Blogger and Social Media Expert
  • Other countries

Husseini just loves being busy with several social initiatives and NPOs at the same time: Give1project, FadaTech, Samaria Enterpreneurship, CEL-YOUTH or the CIPMEN Incubator Centre for SMEs in Niger. He has only been involved in social entrepreneurship for two years...yet he already won the national phase of the OPENSOCIETIC competition, which rewards the use of ICT for good governance and citizen engagement. His Agro-business project didn't got unnoticed either during the International Youth and Green Jobs Forum. He now ambitions to create and inspire a community of social entrepreneurs and encourage best-practice sharing among them.

Almoktar Allahoury
  • Almoktar Allahoury
  • Managing Director of CIPMEN, SME Incubator Centre
  • Other countries

Information Systems Engineer, Almoktar worked for several years as an IT consultant for Accenture in Paris and as a project manager for Performance Management Consulting in Senegal, where he helped African companies finetune their growth plan and execute accordingly. Almoktar graduated from the Engineering Institute of Limoges (3IL) in France.