Ambassadors are your local anchors for Africa Code Week event orchestration, questions and support. Feel free to reach out to them to get started on hosting your own coding workshops or simply get introduced to other interested schools / organizations. They are here to help you engage as many children and youth as possible in your community!

Ademola Olajide Ajayi
  • Ademola Olajide Ajayi
  • ACW Global Coordinator (anglophone & lusophone countries)
  • Nigeria

Ademola (a.k.a.: ‘Ade’) is a Team Manager at SAP Ireland. Passionate about Ed-Tech, creativity and innovation, Ade is the founder of CODERINA, an NGO working to promote and strengthen coding and STEM skills acquisition among African students and teachers. He is involved in several STEM /Coding initiatives such as: EU Code week, CoderDojo and FIRST LEGO® League. Ade is a jury on the Ireland FLL Championship panel and coordinates similar activities in Nigeria. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science as well as a PMI membership & Graduate Certificate in Innovation in Social Enterprise from the Dublin City University

Fatoumata Niang Niox
  • Fatoumata Niang Niox
  • Africa Code Week Regional Coordinator - West Africa,
  • Senegal

Executive Director of Jokkolabs, a network of innovation spaces in Africa, Fatoumata is scaling the initiative across Senegal and West Africa at large. As actress and facilitator of social change, she implements programs involving entrepreneurship, digital and the promotion of female leadership as means of salvation in response to the issue of unemployment in Africa.

Her heartfelt commitment to education has resulted in the deployment of innovative programs such as jokkokids, a network of innovators and organizations that develop educational opportunities to stimulate children's creativity through arts and technology. This project resonates with the philosophy of  Africa Code Week, which she now coordinates across West Africa.

Jérôme Monteu Nana
  • Jérôme Monteu Nana
  • Developer, SAP Solutions at SAP SE
  • Cameroon

Cameroon-born Jérôme came to Germany in 1991 to study electrical engineering – specializing in process information technology – in Wuppertal. In addition to his role as a Fellow Developer Relations Evangelist, he works as a Developer of SAP Solutions in Walldorf, Germany. He is also a Research Scientist with the Business Information Systems department at Paderborn University. Alongside performing his job, he is actively engaged in North-South dialogue, and pleads for deployment of technologies as an instrument to combat poverty in the countries of the South.

Jérôme is a “go-getter” in the best possible sense of the word, and he’s an expert on francophone Africa too. And it is not just SAP that benefits from his wide network of contacts and tireless commitment to his home country. He is the founder of Europe’s first ever cooperative of Cameroonian “diaspora” (people who have settled far from their ancestral African homelands) and of the German Association of Cameroonian Engineers and Computer Scientists. Jérôme also chairs at the following organizations:

- AC@SAP: African Community at SAP - Founding Member

- Global Cooperation Council e.V. - Member of the Executive Board

- CASA-NET/ DAVOC: Cameroonian Skilled Abroad Network - Executive Coordinator

- VKII: Verein Kamerunischer IngenieurInnen und InformatikerInnen - Founding Member and President.

- CoMoPa: Vice-president in charge of ICT

Francis Ahene-Affoh
  • Francis Ahene-Affoh
  • Senior Vice President DreamOval Foundation
  • Ghana

Francis is passionate about improving the standard of education in Ghana by equipping teachers to deliver ICT education. In 2010, through the DreamOval Foundation, he spearheaded an initiative dubbed iTeach to offer free ICT education to public school teachers across Ghana. This annual training brings teachers from across the country together to learn basic skills in digital literacy to impact the lives of their pupils in the classroom. This free ICT training is organized in collaboration with Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Ministry of Education. He worked with SAP’s 2016 Executive Social Sabbatical team to scale the training to reach a lot more teachers.

Francis, is currently the Country Ambassador for SAP’s flagship coding program, Africa Code Week in Ghana. Having trained over 2,351 teachers and 183,000 pupils from public schools across the country with basic skills in computer coding since 2016, he passionately strives to see digital transformation happen in Ghana’s educational system.

He is currently working on a new project with girls in Accra’s biggest slum through a program called Female in Tech Initiative. FeMiTI plans to introduce 200 girls to digital literacy, programming and robotics with a goal to transform the lives of girls from under-privileged communities.

Mustapha Diyaol Haqq
  • Mustapha Diyaol Haqq
  • Africa Code Week 2019 Youth Ambassador
  • Ghana

Inspired by global technology success stories, this 19-year-old from Kumasi in Southern Ghana, realised he too could deliver innovation where it was most needed, starting with his very home town. “Seeing how the big tech companies used innovation to solve some of the world’s biggest problems made me realise how important it is to learn to code,” says Haqq. “I looked online for any free courses that could help me develop coding skills and completed as many as I could.”

Despite being self-taught, Haqq was able to develop a potentially life-saving solution for women across the continent. He is also lighting a coding fire among Africa’s youth as Youth Ambassador for Africa Code Week 2019. "Being appointed Youth Ambassador for ACW 2019 is a dream come true, and a unique opportunity to inspire change on a global platform, encouraging young talents across the continent to learn digital skills and code the change they want to see in their community,” he says.

Faith Mangope
  • Faith Mangope
  • Africa Code Week 2019 Youth Ambassador,
  • South Africa

Washington Fellow Faith Mangope is a young professional with an intellectual climate to back up her captivating broadcasting skills. She is currently the anchor of “News Hour With Faith Mangope” on ENCA. She is also the Head of Business Development at the urban and innovative digital radio station, Massiv Metro as well as former host of’s breakfast television show, Sunrise.

Faith has been recognized as one of the Top 200 South Africans by the Mail and Guardian as well as Top 100 Young South Africans by the Independent Newspapers. Following her induction as a Washington Fellow, Faith was the first South African to be solicited to intern at Africa.Co, an entrepreneurship organization powered amongst other institutions, by the US State Department as well as Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Founder of FTA Media Communications, a media and Public Relations related corporation, as well as the New G in Business Forums, Faith also founded the New G App, a mobile application designed to provide access to job opportunities for graduates on their mobile device. She is also a faculty member at Ivy League institution Duke University, where she not only facilitates content to top company executives but also produces learning programs for partners of the University.

Her latest endeavor is The Faith Mangope Technology and Leadership Institute where she has partnered with multinational Fin Tech company, XH Smart Technology Africa to educate, empower and equip particularly African women and youth with skills and insights aligned to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.