Ambassadors are your local anchors for Africa Code Week event orchestration, questions and support. Feel free to reach out to them to get started on hosting your own coding workshops or simply get introduced to other interested schools / organizations. They are here to help you engage as many children and youth as possible in your community!

Vickie Ngono
  • Vickie Ngono
  • Managing Director of HabeNerd
  • Zimbabwe

Vickie co-leads HabeNerd, an online learning platform in Zimbabwe which provides organized and intense training on ICT skills and courses across all age and gender classes. With a goal to equip participants (locally and regionally) with programming and coding skills, the platform helps participants explore and kick start careers in ethical hacking and programming as well as to learn how applications are made and how to turn those into revenue.

HabeNerd has launched Coding Day initiatives with partners in Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa and Zambia. An ICT professional and trainer passionate about social entrepreneurship applied to technology, Vickie is also a member of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe Bulawayo Chapter, serving on the Executive and the Software Development Committee.

Through Africa Code Week, she hopes to "conscientise as many young Zimbabweans on the benefits of learning coding skills and broaden the scope of App development in Zimbabwe."

Janet Kahari
  • Janet Kahari
  • Director of Studies, Computer and Secretarial School, Speciss College Bulawayo
  • Zimbabwe

Speciss College Bulawayo is a private college that offers education and training in academics, business, ICT, garment construction and technical courses. Passionate about empowering youth with digital skills, Janet manages the training of professional and short ICT courses. She has been actively involved in the Technovation Challenge since 2015, where she was a judge at the final pitch in Bulawayo. In 2017, she mentored one of the teams of girls participating in the challenge, where they had to build a business plan and develop a mobile app that addressed a problem in the community.

Janet has also been the Chairperson for the Computer Society of Zimbabwe Bulawayo Chapter since April 2016. As an ambassador for Africa Code Week, her dream is to "empower digital-conversant Zimbabweans

Abdoulaye Diallo
  • Abdoulaye Diallo
  • SAP Logistics Consultant
  • Guinea Conakry

Abdoulaye has been a tech lover since childhood. He grew up in Africa and moved to Belgium when he was nine. There, he had the chance to study computer science while getting involved with CoderDojo to empower youth from all over the globe with coding skills. His purpose is to share the passion for coding and give others the opportunity to grow through the understanding and ability to create technology.

Jonathan Okorie
  • Jonathan Okorie
  • Our Youngest Ambassador!
  • Botswana

My name is Jonathan Okorie and I love to code! I am a 12 year old in 6th grade at Glenwood Middle School, Maryland. I  like to partake in hobbies such as researching in technology, playing basketball, drawing and animating. I have recently made a YouTube channel where I post my animations and drawings.

Two years ago, in fourth grade, my journey to coding began. My fascination in technology was the driving passion for this interest. Ever since I was very young, I had always played around and studied broken pieces of technology. Soon enough, I got  to learn more about modern technology and how they worked. I then realized that to make them work required computer programming skills.

What is coding? Put simply, coding in a programming language of your choice such as SCRATCH is teaching the computer logical instructions and commands to execute tasks. I began with writing my first game using SCRATCH and I finished the game. Although it wasn’t a masterpiece, I was glad with the end product and made a better game. I also noticed how math and science was easier to understand.

I actually did not start coding for an educational purpose, but I did it because I thought it was fun.I am now learning other advanced coding languages such as C sharp and JAVA for the purpose of making video games, solving problems, and making software.

What are my goals? I really want to get an education in computer engineering and science. Although it will take me time and effort to be successful, but I am willing to put in the work for my future. In conclusion, we are the future, coding is the future. #stayNEON!

Abdourahman Ahmed Abdo
  • Abdourahman Ahmed Abdo
  • Directeur de l’informatique au Ministère de l’éducation nationale et de la formation professionnelle.
  • Djibouti

Abdourahman est également Proviseur du lycée d’Etat de Djibouti (établissement affilié à l’AEFE) et spécialiste des logiciels de gestion des établissements. Ancien professeur de Sciences physiques et diplômé d’une Maitrise de Sciences physique obtenu à l’université de Poitiers, il se passionne pour l'éducation des jeunes à l'heure du numérique afin de bien les préparer aux enjeux de l'économie mondiale du savoir. En 2017, Abdourahman a orchestré l'organisation des formations de formateurs pour des promotions entières d'enseignants, tous aussi pressés que lui de faire du code le 4ème pilier de l'éducation fondamentale à Djibouti. 

Aina Anjary Fenomamy
  • Aina Anjary Fenomamy
  • Engineer and Tech Lover
  • Madagascar

Aina is currently working as  an Engineer in Antananarivo, Madagascar. She has a particular interest for the open source community and Internet technology and as a true lover of coding, she enjoys sharing her passion with her community. She is delighted to be able to get more young people engaged around coding through the Africa Code Week initiative.