Ambassadors are your local anchors for Africa Code Week event orchestration, questions and support. Feel free to reach out to them to get started on hosting your own coding workshops or simply get introduced to other interested schools / organizations. They are here to help you engage as many children and youth as possible in your community!

Atlarelang Mosime
  • Atlarelang Mosime
  • Founder & Director of Techno Kids Center
  • Botswana

26-year-old Atlarelang Mosime is the Founder and Director of Techno Kids Center, an ICT Academy for children age 2 ½ to 15. She has volunteered for several organisations, such as the Ministry of Education Skills & Development , where she served as IT Officer for the Education Center in Molepolole. She then joined the University of Botswana as an Intern Trainer for the Department of Information Technology. Atlarelang also volunteers with the Financial Literacy Trust of Botswana.

This dedicated IT expert has a passion for working with children and young teenagers, making sure they are given the full attention required for growth and success in all aspects of their lives. She belives that holistic child development leads to a brighter future. On a mission to fight computer illiteracy in her country, Atlarelang started introducing young children to computer science from a very young age: the earlier, the more chance to power-charge their future development, but also to improve the country’s economy in the long run. 

Atlarelang completed her Hons Degree in Computer Systems Engineering at the Botswana Accountancy College in 2013.