Ambassadors are your local anchors for Africa Code Week event orchestration, questions and support. Feel free to reach out to them to get started on hosting your own coding workshops or simply get introduced to other interested schools / organizations. They are here to help you engage as many children and youth as possible in your community!

Nadia Walckhoff-Diakite
  • Nadia Walckhoff-Diakite
  • Fondatrice et présidente de la fondation Life Builders
  • Ivory Coast

À travers la Fondation Life Builders, Nadia apporte à ceux qui sont dans le besoin les briques manquantes et nécessaires pour pérenniser la construction de toute une vie. LifeBuilders a pour vocation principale de donner accès aussi bien au savoir qu’à des ressources humaines et à une architecture permettant de restaurer, relever, et de bâtir un modèle de vie dynamique cohérent et innovant. Nadia crée ainsi des centres de formation et d’apprentissage, notamment dans le développement de nouvelles technologies, afin d’utiliser le numérique comme levier social et professionnel pour les plus défavorisés en Afrique. Aider, écouter et partager sont le leitmotiv de Nadia, qui s’implique avec toute son énergie pour les enfants qui représentent à ses yeux l'espoir du continent Africain.

Ibrahim Khafagy
  • Ibrahim Khafagy (Regional Coordinator)
  • Program Associate, SAP University Alliances, SAP Egypt LLC
  • Egypt

Ibrahim is a Regional Coordinator for Africa Code Week.

He joined SAP in May 2015 as SAP University Alliances program associate, looking after and developing the SAP global program in Egypt: 6 local key universities, 50 trained professors and 500 Egyptian undergraduates impacted so far. Successful participant of the SAP Young Professional Program in 2014, Ibrahim graduated with 3 well-deserved SAP Certifications in SAP Fincancial Accounting, SAP Business Process Integration and SAP Project Management. Ibrahim also came in as second place in best performance out of the 19 participants and 370 applicants to the program. Prior to working for SAP, Ibrahim worked as a financial analyst for Moore Stephens Egypt Consultancy Agency.

Ibrahim also had an illustrious soccer career, where he played for two of the top Egyptian soccer teams Al Ahly Club and Zamalek Club. He has also represented Egypt while playing for the U-17 and U-19 national team. During his time at the University, he was the captain of the American University in Cairo soccer team.

Ibrahim holds a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration with specialization in finance from the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

Julie Cleverdon
  • Julie Cleverdon (ACW Global Coordinator)
  • Director of Cape Town Science Centre
  • South Africa

Passionate about promoting science across Africa, Julie Cleverdon is the Director of the Cape Town Science Centre, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Established to stimulate curiosity, develop inquiring minds and expose children and adults to positive new experiences, the CTSC is a world of scientific discovery under one roof, with more than 250 interactive science exhibits and mind-boggling puzzles all year long.

Julie is one of the masterminds behind the Africa Code Week initiative and she is part of the Global Steering Committee. In June 2015, the CTSC was the proud host of the very first Africa Code Week pilot event, during which hundreds of teachers and children participated in the first training/coding workshops. Prior to the CTSC, Julie served as Chair on the Board of SAASTEC (Southern African Association of Science and Technology Education Centres) and she has over 15 years experience in the science communications sector in South Africa. Julie holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Natal, Pietermaritburg (now the University of Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa).

Aphrodice Mutangana
  • Aphrodice Mutangana
  • General Manager of kLab
  • Rwanda

Aphrodice MUTANGANA, social entrepreneur, kLab General Manager( , a tech innovation space in Kigali ,he Founder and Managing Director of FOYO Group Ltd, , a company that designed and developed Foyo M-health mobile application and which is an African online systematic pharmaceutical directory that provides education and information to its users on important issues pertaining to drugs in Africa, such as dosage, drug & food interaction and side effect etc. Information on the platform is classified by country in the first phase, free of charge, focusing only on Africa, an interactive, user friendly platform. Initiator of tech Support Incike initiative , which is a mobile crowd funding that had been used to address one of the problems faced by a portion of survivors of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, locally known as “INCIKE”. These are people, whose family members were all decimated during the Genocide, and they are left all alone today and they are more than 70 years old. Initiator of idea, , good idea for great entrepreneurs, people share business ideas, successful people with their strategic advice and more than 45 crowd funding online platform that will work as a source of startup capital which is a big issue in our developing countries. Member of Global Shapers, Kigali Hub and Member of Private Sector Federation/ICT Chamber. Co-founder of WeareAfrican an open online discussion forum platform where people from all the corners of the world can share ideas/homegrown solution of what has to be done in African countries.

Jérôme Monteu Nana
  • Jérôme Monteu Nana
  • Developer, SAP Solutions at SAP SE
  • Cameroon

Cameroon-born Jérôme came to Germany in 1991 to study electrical engineering – specializing in process information technology – in Wuppertal. In addition to his role as a Fellow Developer Relations Evangelist, he works as a Developer of SAP Solutions in Walldorf, Germany. He is also a Research Scientist with the Business Information Systems department at Paderborn University. Alongside performing his job, he is actively engaged in North-South dialogue, and pleads for deployment of technologies as an instrument to combat poverty in the countries of the South.

Jérôme is a “go-getter” in the best possible sense of the word, and he’s an expert on francophone Africa too. And it is not just SAP that benefits from his wide network of contacts and tireless commitment to his home country. He is the founder of Europe’s first ever cooperative of Cameroonian “diaspora” (people who have settled far from their ancestral African homelands) and of the German Association of Cameroonian Engineers and Computer Scientists. Jérôme also chairs at the following organizations:

- AC@SAP: African Community at SAP - Founding Member

- Global Cooperation Council e.V. - Member of the Executive Board

- CASA-NET/ DAVOC: Cameroonian Skilled Abroad Network - Executive Coordinator

- VKII: Verein Kamerunischer IngenieurInnen und InformatikerInnen - Founding Member and President.

- CoMoPa: Vice-president in charge of ICT

Louis Diakite
  • Louis Diakite (Lead Ambassador)
  • Executive Chairman, Alink Telecom Group
  • Republic of Congo

Louis is the Executive Chairman of Alink Telecom, an ISP with licenses in 13 African countries mainly located in West & Central Africa plus Tanzania and South Africa. Using technologies such as Wimax, LTE, VSAT and fiber optics, Alink serves corporations across Sub Saharan Africa. Louis has previously held international sales management positions for SR Telecom, Rank Xerox West & Central Africa, Normerel and Cap Gemini, which he left in 1992 to start up Afripa Telecom (Alink Telecom). Louis is also an investor in a couple of companies, including Monicash, the e-commerce company that launched mobile TV services in partnership with the Canal+ group back in 2009; Agraria, an e-agriculture company about to launch a unique platform for 3 million farmers; and N’Zi River Lodge, an ecotourism company running three game reserve concessions in Ivory Coast. Louis holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieur de Toulouse, France.